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Patriots, prepare for war – without multiple favorable judgements fxor President Trump, Joe Biden is going to be sworn in

(Natural News) While not giving up hope entirely, we all have to acknowledge that without multiple courts rendering favorable judgements on the myriad of lawsuits and court challenges by the Trump campaign lawyers, Joe Biden is going to be inaugurated in January.


Conservative patriots have few choices to fall back on: Complain and whine for four solid years as the Democrats did ad nauseam after Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election against Hillary Clinton, or prepare to fight for not just America but for their very lives as liberals across the board urge “punishment” against Trump supporters.


Despite the probability of Biden being seated in January 2021, liberals are still not happy and are becoming even more unhinged than they have been acting for the past four years.

The liberal media, which echoes and amplifies the Democrat party as their propaganda arm, made a complete spectacle of themselves at a press conference by Vice President Mike Pence and the COVID taskforce, when after Pence finished speaking and walked away,  the liberal White House press corp started screaming, yelling and became totally unhinged, howling about how “Your whole party’s not recognizing democracy!

Goes to show how worried they “aren’t” about COVID-19 when they are too busy whining like children on social media, that Pence wouldn’t answer questions completely unrelated to what the news conference was all about.


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