• March 1, 2024

Pennsylvania Woman Charged With Collecting Welfare for 3 Nonexistent Children


A Pennsylvania woman is accused of stealing $130,000 in welfare payments for three children she does not have.  Sabrina Strothers started collecting benefits for the three children in 2008 but for some reason, welfare did not check out their Social Security numbers until recently.  Going by the Social Security numbers she listed, the 23 year old’s children would be 56, 71 and 129 years of age.  The welfare system in this country is the most abused government program going, with only a small percentage of cheaters are ever caught.

When I was living in the New York City metro area, I remember one woman claiming benefits under a variety of names with a total of 53 fake children.  To top it off, she worked full time………..for the local Welfare office.

From The Mail Online:

Strothers’ cousin reported her to Pittsburgh officials in January.

When investigators checked the children’s Social Security numbers against government records, they determined the numbers belonged to people born in 1887, 1945 and 1960.

Strothers is accused of receiving nearly $130,000 in illegal benefits.

Online court records don’t list an attorney for her. 

She faces a preliminary hearing on December 22 on theft, forgery and welfare fraud counts.


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