PERFECT from Trump: Follow SCIENCE and put kids back in school. And if not, give Federal funds to PARENTS!

“We must follow the science and get students safely back to school while protecting children, teachers, staff, and family.”

President Trump put that perfectly in his remarks at today’s briefing. Because the objective is to stick with science, right? That’s what the media keeps saying. And if you want to follow the science of education, of psychology, and importantly, of MEDICINE AND DISEASE, then yes, the kids have got to get back to school. They HAVE to.

Now I don’t personally care for the people who act like there’s nothing going on. I see y’all down in the comments and you’re basically delusional. This is a real thing. And if we’re gonna be real we gotta be real. There’s a real threat, people have real reasons to be worried, and for REAL the kids have to go back to school.

The world is a hard place. There are hard truths. Truths that don’t fit what we want them to, or turn out the way we hope. But wishing won’t make things so. You can wish there was no COVID but it won’t work.

And liberals can wish we could keep kids home for another year but WE CAN’T. You can’t do that. They gotta go back.

And that’s the hard truth Trump told today.

“My administration is also asking Democrats to work with us to pass $105 billion to help schools safely reopen,” said the president. That’s the key right there. If Democrats will quit holding the purse shut so they can get what they want slipped into the massive funding bills, then schools can openly safely. And they have to. No kids in school now, no work force later, no country after that. Simple math.



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