• September 26, 2022

[PHOTO] Hillary Clinton Caught Carrying This Outlandish Item Into Interview At The View

On Tuesday, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders handed Hillary Clinton yet another embarrassing defeat in the Democrat primary. Sander’s appeal to everyday Americans has helped fuel his recent six-state sweep.

Clinton for her part has tried to act like she is one of us, but she can’t quite disguise the fact that she comes from a different world. For example, The U.K. Daily Mail reported that Clinton was caught carrying a very expensive handbag on her way to do an interview with The View.

Clinton was seen carrying a $1,600 Alexander McQueen handbag while heading into the building. Soon after, she criticized GOP front-runner Donald Trump for not being able to relate to the common man.


“And the fellow who’s from New York?” she said, clearly talking about Trump. “I wish he’d get out of one of his towers and actually walk the street.”

Clinton has long chastised Trump for being a billionaire, despite the fact that she herself has made millions of dollars simply because of her last name. At least, Trump worked for his money. Clinton also reportedly was seen getting her hair and nails done at a store where it cost almost $600.

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