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PHOTO Of Actor John Cusack Goes Viral After He’s Caught ‘Firmly Seated’ During Military Salute At Baseball Game

An image of Trump hating actor John Cusak is going viral after the leftist appeared to refuse to stand during the National Anthem during a baseball game.


After the photo emerged the angry actor took to Twitter to have a massive public meltdown.

Here’s the original tweet:

And here’s the full pic:

From BPR:

Actor John Cusack unloaded a profanity-filled Twitter rant against President Trump and his supporters after being called out for sitting through a salute to the military at Wrigley Field.

The liberal actor and producer fired back on social media after a photo was posted claiming he stayed “firmly seated” during a military salute at a Chicago Cubs game…

Cusack rebutted the claim, tweeting later that he did, in fact, stand during the tribute, “just not on que – like an Obedient pet.”

The star of “2012” and “Better Off Dead” has been a vocal Trump critic and, besides calling for his impeachment regularly, has also frequently called the president, his supporters, and Republicans members of a “deathkkkult.” …

Cusack, who is a Bernie Sanders supporter, reportedly called on Democrats to have Trump “removed from office.” …

But his decision not to stand – or delay standing – at the Cubs game unleashed a wave of criticism which prompted a tantrum by the actor.

The public doesn’t seem to be buying Cusack’s version of events.

Here’s how Twitter responded:



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