• July 19, 2024

[PHOTO] Of Man Hunting With Unsuspecting Companion Sparks Debate

An avid Texas hunter and father stirred up boatloads of controversy this weekend when a picture of him out on the field shooting doves went viral on Facebook, courtesy the Hacienda Wildlife Company.

What alarmed some viewers — namely the liberal, effeminate ones — was that the photo showed the father’s baby strapped to his back, calmly watching the scene and presumably having a great time. Despite the baby looking perfectly content, and despite his or her ears being protected, some liberals on Facebook immediately threw a hissy fit, slamming the father for his allegedly bad parenting habits.

“There should be a law against having guns around children under the age of 10,” whined one woman. “Jesus. This is so unsafe.”


“Baby should come first there is no way that you had no other choice but to take baby with you hunting he’s not even being worn the right way and any number of things can happen!!!” moaned another Facebook user. “Maybe it’s just my nervousness with guns or maybe I’m just overprotective but as cute as this pic is i completely disagree with the actions of the father.”

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