• December 11, 2023

[PHOTO] See The Gruesome Torture Instrument ISIS Uses To Extract Confessions

THIS disturbing picture shows the gruesome bone-cracking instrument known as the ‘Flying Carpet’ which depraved ISIS militants use to torture their victims.


The extremist thugs strap their prisoners to a metal or wooden board, which has hinges in the middle, enabling the ends to be brought together – bending the spine of the hostage. Dissident group ‘Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently’ revealed the stomach-churning practice which can lead to the spine and ribs snapping.

The underground movement has uncovered sickening details of the excruciating cartilage-crunching torments meted out to prisoners in the terror group’s jails in Syriaand Iraq.

Another method is called the ‘shabeh’ or ‘ghost’ which involves an inmate being hung by his hands above the floor for days at a time. The group said: “The prisoner often loses his ability to move his hands – dislocating his joints. “It can also cause damage to the brachial plexus, which are the nerves that control arm and hand movement, usually resulting in permanent disability.”

Another torture method popular with the depraved death cult is electric shock which they use to interrogate victims often frying their victims alive. The group added: “Electric shock often leads to death, caused by damage to heart muscle or electric burns.”

Brainwashed Islamic extremists are also well known for keeping their terrifying prisoners in tiny closets and drowning them in cages. But aside from the violent physical torture, ISIS bullies also use psychological techniques to torment their hostages.

This comes after The Sun revealed news of a step by step guide produced by ISIS, to encourage lone wolfs to attack at the Rio Olympics.  One man who escaped an ISIS hell-hole revealed: “The ISIS prison wardens would speak continuously of the coming retribution. ISIS men would enter, place knives on our necks, and threaten to kill us.

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