• June 19, 2024

Police Kill Black Woman, Can BLM Be Far Behind?


Police arrived at the home of Korryn Gaines, 23, to serve a warrant on her for failing to appear in court for a traffic ticket she had gotten.  She did not answer when the police knocked on the door.  The officers obtained a key to the apartment from the landlord and as the officer started into the apartment, he saw Gaines sitting on the floor with a long gun and he backed out quickly.  A man fled the apartment with a one year old boy and was arrested.  After a six hour standoff, Gaines yelled that she was going to kill the cops and that’s when one of the officers shot her fatally.

A five year old boy was shot in a limb and was taken to the hospital for treatment for non life threatening injuries.  It was not immediately known if he was hit by one of the shots fired by the police or one of the ones Gaines fired at police.  Where is BLM with their signs, “Muzzle up, don’t shoot.”  They can’t be far behind.  Police did not give the race of the police involved in the Baltimore County shooting.

Gaines was shot multiple times and was declared dead at the scene.  No police officers were shot.  Police had brought in a negotiator to try to diffuse the situation, but she aimed her gun at him and threatened to shoot.  She did get a couple of shots off without striking any of the officers.

From The Blaze:

It is not known of if any of the officers were equipped with body cameras, which the department brought online just a few weeks ago.

Online court records say Gaines was black. The department did not give the races of the officers involved, who were placed on routine administrative leave. Their names will be released 48 hours after the incident, in accordance with the department’s contract with the Fraternal Order of Police.

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