• July 13, 2024

Police Shoot Teen Who Brandished Weapon That Turns Out To Be BB Gun

How can “Black Lives Matter” spin this scenario? Are there going to be rallies, marches, destruction? Or is it going to be brushed under the rug because the evidence is quite undeniable when the case is completely investigated? What would anyone want a police officer to do chasing robbery suspects,and one pulls out a weapon that turns out to be a BB Gun. Would anyone in their right mind wait to be shot in such a situation or defend themselves? Remember the police are public servants responding to a robbery.

According to

Officers were responding to a report of an armed robbery in Columbus when they spotted three male suspects matching the descriptions given by the victim. Two then ran off and were followed by police to an alley. There, police say, Tyree King, 13, pulled out the gun and was shot multiple times by an officer. The victim of the robbery told officers the group had approached him and demanded money. One of them reportedly had a gun.


Is this the culture sports figures are concerned about? They find issues with these situations, and their collective hearts go out. They want change, well start telling people in these communities to stop pulling guns on people and they won’t get shot. I don’t see anyone shooting at the knelling football players. Maybe because you are not committing a robbery? City mayor Andrew Ginther appealed for patience during this “difficult time”.”It is a dangerous time to be a police officer in this country,” he said. “It is our job to support them, as well as the people they protect.” It is sad for the family about a lost life as such, but once he committed the crime and pulled the visually threatening weapon, all sadness leaves. Another lost life brought to you by a sub culture built on entitlement. What do you think?

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