• October 4, 2023

Politics: Text Messages Prove Mosby Was Going to Charge Cops No Matter What


This week, Marilyn Mosby blamed police investigators for her failed prosecution of six officers in the death of career criminal and crash for cash conman Freddie Gray.  We are now finding out that the prosecutor’s office had decided to prosecute the six regardless what the evidence showed.  One police detective was ordered to read a statement to the grand jury which she knew contained false and incomplete data.

Fox News Have gained access to text messages that show the prosecutor’s office was determined to file charges even if the evidence didn’t warrant it.

The lead detective, Dawnyell Taylor, said she had handwritten case notes from the prosecutors indicating they were going to charge the officers in the Freddie Gray case no matter what the officers said or where the evidence led.

Read that over again and let it seep into your wheelhouse.

Taylor said she was handed a narrative by the prosecution that she read to the grand jury regarding indictments of the officers.  Taylor said:

“As I read over the narrative it had several things that I found to be inconsistent with our investigation.  I thought the statements in the narrative were misquoted.”

Taylor also said that when the jurors began to ask her questions, the prosecutors intervened before she could respond:

“They did not intend for me to answer any questions because all of my answers would obviously conflict with what I had just read to them.

From Bloviating Zeppelin

Still and all, on the day that Taylor testified before the grand jury, on the same day the grand jury voted to indict the officers, Taylor sent a text message to the deputy state’s attorney almost identical to her case notes:

“I did not feel comfortable reading that script before we discussed it and I swore to it.  I’m find with finding the facts but between us I believe we omitted key things from their combined statements.”

Read that over again and let it seep into your wheelhouse.

The deputy state’s attorney’s response was:

“Understood and you skipped parts of it.”

The deputy state’s attorney then tried to have Detective Taylor removed from the case entirely, but she wasn’t successful in her endeavor.

See the video by clicking HERE

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