• July 19, 2024

Pregnant Woman Goes in For an Ultrasound That Shocks Even the Doctor [VIDEO]

Kate and Peter Hill of Brisbane, Australia, were pregnant after trying forever naturally and then with medical procedures.  Kathy was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome, an endocrine system disorder.  That made it impossible for her to become pregnant.  Kate underwent hormone therapy and soon learned that she was pregnant with twins.  Unfortunately, one twin failed to develop but the couple were happy that they were going to have a child after all that time.  She was told to come back in in 2 days for another sonogram.

During the second sonogram, the doctor told Kate she would be having two babies after all.  She was shocked to find out her babies weren’t twins.  The doctor himself was shocked.  Dr. Brad Armstrong of Greenslopes Private Hospital said that in the many years he had been a doctor, he had never seen a case like this.  Kathy had actually become pregnant a second time.  In other words, she become pregnant while already pregnant.

Sadly, one of the babies did not develop. Still, Kate and Peter couldn’t wait to meet the miracle baby girl who survived in the womb.

10 days later, things took a shocking turn during her next ultrasound. Kate learned she conceived again while pregnant with her daughter — which meant Kate got pregnant while she was already pregnant.

Dr. Brad Armstrong of Greenslopes Private Hospital was absolutely baffled. In all his years of practicing medicine, he had never seen a case like this before.

But there was something else about Kate’s pregnancy that made it even more surprising…

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