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Pro-Syrian refugee Vermont Mayor loses to anti-Sharia law opponent



A mayor in Vermont probably did not get the make America safe again memo when President Donald Trump was elected.  Now, Rutland mayor Chris Louras is paying the price for supporting  a plan to accept up to 100 refugees moving into his small town, reported the Daily Caller. Voters got the message and now Rutland will be headed by an anti-Sharia law leader.

City alderman David Allaire, was more than a little disturbed that Mayor Louras decided to engage in executive overreach in attempting to refugee resettlement officials in an attempt to resettle 100 Syrian and Iraqi refugees into the city of 17,000, all without consulting the Board of Aldermen, according to the Rutland Herald.

While Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was barnstorming the nation, and laying out his plan for extreme vetting of potential refugees from countries like Syria, the Rutland mayor had his own refugee plan to invite these same refugees to his small town.

For town locals, the refugee problem grew into a referendum on whether these potentially new residents would bring their Sharia law beliefs and possible disease as well.  The outgoing mayor attempted to persuade refugee supporters by asking the town to,  “embrace New Americans and enjoy the economic and cultural benefits that level of diversity will provide,” Louras told local publication Seven Days last June.

The vanquished mayor added, “There’s not a successful, vibrant and growing community in the country that hasn’t embraced New Americans.”  The only obvious problem with that rationale was that most new immigrant refugees were not leaving countries where vetting was nearly non-existent and where extremists in that population had intentions to maim and kill Americans.

The incoming mayor has stated that while he is non-anti-refugee he did not support the fact that mayor, much like former president Obama did with congress, decided to go behind the back of the elected officials of the town to create a plan to bring these refugees to the town. Allaire stated, “It seems to be all cloak and dagger, behind the scenes,” reported the Daily Caller.

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