• November 29, 2023

Rep Wants Illegal Aliens Brought By Dems to SOTU Speech to Be Arrested

GOP Rep. Paul Gosar of Arizona asked U.S. Capitol Police and Attorney General Jeff Sessions what their plans were on illegal aliens democrats have pledged to bring with them to the SOTU message. Gosar said that some of them could have fake Social Security numbers, which is often identity theft. He says that they should be arrested and not allowed into the chamber for the speech.

Gosar said:

“Of all the places where the Rule of Law needs to be enforced, it should be in the hallowed halls of Congress. Any illegal aliens attempting to go through security, under any pretext of invitation or otherwise, should be arrested and deported.”

Gosar tweeted the following message:

“Today, Congressman Paul Gosar contacted the U.S. Capitol Police, as well as Attorney General Jeff Sessions, asking they consider checking identification of all attending the State of the Union address and arresting any illegal aliens in attendance.”

From The Washington Examiner

More than two dozen Democratic lawmakers, including House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., are expected to bring Dreamers to the speech Tuesday. Dreamers were brought to the United States illegally as children, but have been protected from deportation under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

Trump announced last year DACA would be rescinded as of March 5, and Republicans and Democrats have been working to come up with legislation addressing Dreamers.

Other Democrats will host family members of illegal immigrants who have been deported, as well as immigrants currently in the U.S. because of temporary protected status. The Trump administration announced it will end temporary protected status for immigrants from Haiti, El Salvador, and Nicaragua.

It remains questionable whether the Capitol Hill police could arrest the illegals coming to the speech because they could have legal status through the DACA program, but some of those could have fake SS cards.

The question I have is if any illegal aliens without DACA status are brought to the SOTU speech, would the reps who bring them be charge with aiding and abetting? Or they could be charged with other similar crimes? That would really set off a shit storm if that were to happen.

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