• November 29, 2022

REPORT: Families of Iraqi soldiers abducted by ISIS storm parliament

Desperate and grieving relatives of Iraqi soldiers abducted by the Islamic State in Tikirt in June burst into Baghdad’s parliament. Over 100, some armed with metal bars and stones, demanded answers to what has happened to their loved ones.

Reuters / Osama Al-dulaimi
Reuters / Osama Al-dulaimi

There have been no independent reports about how many people perished, when Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) took control of the city in early June, which was also the birthplace of former dictator, Saddam Hussein.

The relatives had been due to address the Iraqi parliament about the fate of their family members, who were soldiers in the Iraqi army. However, they started to protest outside the building and tried to force their way in.

“They broke into parliament. They roughed up some guards and officials. They broke the equipment (inside the assembly hall),” said a witness.

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