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Satellite Pictures Show North getting Ready to Test

The United States have gotten satellite photos of North Korea getting ready to test submarine missiles after threatening to take out the US nuclear powered USS Michigan submarine.  The pictures are of the Nampo Naval shipyard, where Kim Jong-un has set up a testing area for underwater missile launches.  The short fat North Korean dictator has been threatening action against the United States for many years but it has gotten worse since Trump became president because Trump doesn’t cower under the resolute desk like Obama did.


The 68 foot barge is similar to the one North Koreans built on the east coast that they have used for missile testing since 2014.  The new barge has been built on the west coast.  38 North which monitors North Korea claims that the barge wasn’t built there and they surmise it was bought from abroad and does seem similar to those built by Russia, but that is only conjecture and no country of origin has been identified as the source for the barge.

38North said:

 ‘The discovery of a second missile test barge may have a number of implications for the future of North Korea’s SLBM program that appears to be an important priority for Kim Jong Un.

‘A key consideration is the timing of the acquisition of the barges. If both were acquired at the same time, it would imply that Pyongyang had planned a more extensive test program than it has so far conducted.

‘However, since the second barge seems to have been acquired three years after the first, this could mean that North Korea is planning to accelerate its SLBM test program to include a west coast component or develop new SLBM designs, or that it may deploy a ballistic missile submarine with the West Sea Fleet. None of these possibilities are mutually exclusive.’

H/T The Mail Online


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