SAY WHAT?! California Liberal Gov Newsom, Blames Trump Admin For Rise Of Homelessness In State

California Governor Gavin Newsom says that California’s failure to curb rising homelessness in cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco is the fault of President Donald Trump and the Trump Administration, not a stalemate in the California legislature or failed progressive efforts to curb the rise of tent cities and transient populations.


Speaking in Sacramento, California, last week, Newsom claimed that Trump is deliberately withholding “key information” that California needs in order to properly address the homelessness problem, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

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“California is making historic investments now to help our communities fight homelessness,” Newsom said. “But we have work to do and we need the federal government to do its part.”

He repeated the claims, adding the GOP as a partner villain, in remarks made this week, again claiming that the federal government is standing in the way of California’s ability to enact meaningful reforms to help the homeless.

But while Newsom is quick to place the blame, he isn’t quick to give details on precisely why Trump is to blame for the California homelessness crisis — and that’s probably by design. The “very important material” California is waiting on from the federal government is nothing more than an official Housing and Urban Development count of precisely how many homeless people live in the state of California. Newsom claims that, without those numbers, he can’t release more than $500 million earmarked to abate the systemic problem.

California conducted those counts months ago, however, and merely sent the results to the government to certify. And, as Newsom said in his own remarks, he reserves the right to release the funding — or, at least to accept applications to spend the money — before the federal government issues any official numbers.

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