• May 16, 2022

Scientific Breakthrough of the Century: Beer With No hangover


Break out the Nobel Prize for Science, a Dutch brewer has gotten it locked up with his latest invention.  A beer that doesn’t dehydrate you or give you a hangover in the morning.  The De Prael brewery, in Amsterdam invented the pilsner type beer after being challenged to find a beer that would allow the drinker to go to work the next day without any ill effects.  The entire recipe has not been revealed but brewer Thomas Gesink did say that they used sea salt to prevent the beer from dehydrating the drinker and the addition of B12, which dissolves in water and allows to be brewed with the beer.

From The Mail Online:

Mr Gesink said: ‘It works like a charm. It is a pilsner-style beer with 4.5 percent alcohol, but we researched what we needed to add to make for a lighter hangover the next day.’

He explained: ‘It is actually the only vitamin which can be dissolved in water, and that is why you can brew with it.’

Other ingredients are willow fibres for a cleansing effect, ginger to stop sickness and sea salts to keep the body from dehydrating. 

But customers who tried it at a pub near the brewery say the beer does not taste salty and one said: ‘It is malty, delicious. Different than a normal lager beer. It has much more character.’ 

Mr Gesink said that after four or five beers, a person would still be left feeling fresh in the morning, but added: ‘Of course it would not work with vast amounts, it still contains alcohol.’ 

So far the beer is only for sale on draft at the De Prael brewery but if it becomes a hit it could end up being exported from the Netherlands. 



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