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Secret Intel Document Lays Out Coronavirus Excuse for ‘Great Reset’ of World Governments

A secret document leaked by Canada’s intelligence community shows how officials intend to use the coronavirus as an excuse to institute a one world government in a “great reset.” And this plan has already begun.


The leaked document comes as the Canadian territorial government of Nunavut becomes the first to issue a strict lockdown and as more populous areas such as Ontario and Toronto begin considering the same policy. The frightening document also comes on the heels of the country’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, actually admitting yesterday that the “pandemic has provided an opportunity for a reset.”

The document leaked to the Washington Sentinel by Canadian intelligence sources who oppose the scheme shows the terrifying plans world governments have to eliminate freedom, take away all private property, devastate businesses, and initiate a “universal income” paid to the people by government.

The document is laid out in a series of bullet points giving a step-by-step roadmap to domination and written by a “high ranking” committee member in Canada’s liberal party who is a part of the Strategic Planning Committee of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s administration.

The document was leaked because some 30 percent of the committee members are not pleased with these plans, but they are being threatened that they must fall into line regardless.


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