• May 31, 2023

Secret Service Violated Protocol, Did Work On Hillary’s Private E-Mail Server

Former Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino is interviewed regarding the information that is leaking out about the violations of protocol, both generally, diplomatically and in matters related to security by Hillary Clinton, particularly as it relates to the Secret Service. The defining moment, he says, when he decided to leave the service and enter politics, came after overhearing a series of secret negotiations inside the White House in President Obama’s first term.

According to Rockwell’s.us:

Bongino points out that this is relative for several reasons, including the fact that it “fits in with the larger narrative of Hillary Clinton. Her elitist snob attitude towards the military and towards her Secret Service agents, which was pretty pervasive during my time with her, it  parlays into this elitist attitude towards government too that the rules don’t apply to her.”

“This woman has to be kept out of the White House. She views government as a tool for her own personal ambitions, that is it. Public service means absolutely zero to the Clintons and especially to Hillary Clinton, she’s very dangerous. This is more fodder against the Obama slash Clinton campaign, and needs to be exposed. I hope many are looking at information as this to decide who they wish to lead them for the next 4 years.

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