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Senate Releases 500 Pages Of Unredacted Text Messages Proving Trump Was Right The Whole Time

Over the last year and better part of this year, the American people learned about text messages between FBI agents Peter Strzok and his mistress Lisa Page. These messages were so damning that it has prompted further calls for investigation into the corrupt agencies that run in our country. Now, the Senate is looking into these claims and finally released the text messages between these two lovers and proves that Trump was right the entire time.


CT reports:

FBI Asst. Director of Counterintelligence, Bill Priestap, is central to all of the activity that was happening in both the Clinton investigation and the Trump investigation. Bill Priestap was FBI Agent Peter Strzok’s immediate boss. However, as noted in the text messages Strzok often worked around Priestap at the behest of the person giving him political instructions – FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.

Nick Falco busted this bombshell open on twitter:

Was Obama spying on the entire group of 16 Republicans running for president? December of 2015 was well before there was a frontrunner even a top three in the group of candidates. It is a possibility that Obama could have directed the corrupt FBI and DOJ to spy on all 16 candidates or was this an effort to prepare to place spies into the campaign of the eventual nominee.

The big question…When Comey stated under oath that the investigation into the Trump campaign began in July 2016, was he lying under oath?

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