• June 17, 2024

[WATCH] San Francisco Tour Guide Goes On Epic, Angry, Racist Rant About Chinatown: ‘F*ck Your Dragons!’

A passenger on a tour bus managed to capture this unnamed tour guide on her last day of the job, drinking out of what appears to be a wine bottle, in which she unloads all her hatred towards San Francisco’s Chinatown. (It was apparently her last day on the job.)

While she loves the Los Angeles Chinatown, which is “cleaner [and] has better food” (and is about a tenth the size of San Francisco’s Chinatown) she has serious feelings about the neighborhood. Here are the first 30 seconds:

“Fuck your preschools and fuck your little preschoolers making all that noise at 6 in the morning when I was trying to live here. Fuck your salons. Fuck your little herb gardens. Fuck your little seafood fucking markets with your turtles and your frogs inside, OK? When you come to America, you gotta assimilate a little bit. And here in America, we don’t eat turtles and frogs. But they gotta bring that here to America, ok…Fuck your laundry hanging out the windows. Fuck your three or four people hanging out in your little SROs. Fuck your noise. Fuck your parades. Fuck your dragons. Fuck this shit.”

She also goes on a later rant about the incomplete BART station, knockoff handbags, and jade (“No one wears that shit”), to scattered applause from a group of foreign tourists.

“FUCK CHINATOWN,” she cheers later. “GO GIANTS.”

Watch below (NSFW):



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