• June 20, 2024

She Walked Into A Wig Store, And Pooped On Everything….And Then It Got Weird….

A yet-to-be-named individual carried out a revolting act of public defecation in a beauty store situated in Wichita, Kansas. Her unsanitary act of vandalism led to the destruction of eight wigs on display, compelling the Wichita police to step in, seeking the local community’s assistance in identifying this woman through photos of her caught mid-act.

The Wichita Police Department appealed to the public through Twitter, stating, “Wichita, we need your help with a… unique case.” They gave a brief account of the incident, which occurred on May 10, at a Beauty Supply store on E. 21st Street, without sharing the graphic surveillance footage. The police further explained the severity of the woman’s act, indicating its ruinous effect on eight wigs and emphasizing the store’s intent to file criminal charges against the offender, referred to as ‘public enemy number 2.’

Fortunately, due to the combined efforts of the public and the police, the woman was eventually identified. Yet, it remains unknown whether she has been apprehended and charged for her abhorrent act within the beauty store. The police department updated their audience on Twitter, “UPDATE: The person has been identified. Thanks for your help!”

Interestingly, amidst this investigation, the police department was flooded with calls and emails suggesting the wrongdoer was Amber Heard, based on her infamous court case against Johnny Depp where it was alleged she defecated in his bed. However, the police refuted these claims, firmly establishing that Amber Heard was not the individual in question.

Social media users chimed in on this distasteful incident, hoping that the case could be ‘wiped clean,’ to which the police responded that this particular case might ‘stick with them.’ According to the beauty store, this unusual act of vandalism resulted in about two hundred dollars worth of damage.

Store representative Macy conveyed her belief that the woman’s actions were intentional, based on the surveillance footage and evidence left behind. She shared that a similar incident had transpired in one of their other stores approximately two years ago. Macy expressed the store’s dismay at such a repugnant act of vandalism, expressing gratitude that no staff or customers were present at the time and no physical injuries occurred.

Although it remains undecided whether the beauty store will press charges, Macy mentioned they are considering all possibilities. The woman, once apprehended, faces a potential criminal charge for property damage, punishable by a fine up to one thousand dollars and possibly six months of incarceration. This peculiar incident serves as a stark reminder to always remain cautious of your surroundings, even in seemingly harmless places like a beauty store.

We pledge to keep our readers updated as this story continues to unfold. If any readers have additional information about this incident, we urge them to reach out to the Wichita Police Department immediately. We’d love to hear your thoughts on this strange and unfortunate situation.

Source: AWM

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