• November 29, 2023

SICKENING: Bully Brutally Beats Victim To Ground, Mom Wants Footage Released [RAW VIDEO]

This is the sickening moment a teenage ‘bully’ beats a defenseless boy to the ground and repeatedly stamps on his head. The victim’s mom said she wanted the disturbing footage released to raise awareness of bullying.

She claims her son didn’t even know the attacker, and that he only had a backpack “to shield himself”. The shocking recording appears to show the boy being punched by his attacker before being brutally kicked and stamped upon. The victim’s mom says he has gone to the police to report the assault despite being scared, the Coventry Telegraph reports.

In the 56-second mobile phone clip, the ‘bully’, in a white t-shirt, yells at the victim: “Get down here,” before calling him a “little t***”. He then asks him: “Are you f****** mad?” before grabbing the defenseless boy’s jacket and striking him with an audible blow to the head.

The attacker then appears to launch into a frenzied attack, punching the boy to the ground before stamping on his head, and kicking out at his prone body. Today, the victim’s mom spoke out about the attack, which happened in Warwickshire. She said: “He started on my son – a boy he didn’t even know.

“I think it is disgusting, my son wouldn’t hurt a fly, yet why would someone do this to anyone? “You can see in the video he didn’t retaliate or come back at him.

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