• October 4, 2023

So UBER May Be Shooting Itself In The Foot By Redefining Price Gouging!

While folks may be applauding the entrepreneurial spirit of the UBER uprising, they may soon realize the upstart cab company may be shooting themselves in the foot when their clientele at large figure out what the underlying secret of their own fiscal success is, and how they are gouging their customers. Make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into before getting into their cars. This guy found out the hard way.

Finding a decent party to attend on New Year’s Eve can be quite the task, but figuring out how to get there and back safely is a whole other issue. One NYE partier decided to take an Uber but realized his 2016 was kicked off with an insane $1,114.71 charge to his bank account.


Matt Lindsay, pictured above, was admittedly under the influence (hey, it’s friggin’ New Year’s, guys) and didn’t realize that Uber had replaced their normal fare up with a surge almost 9 times more than the usual cost of driving a passenger.

So by the time Matt and his group of friends were finally dropped off, Matt would have been better off just throwing a party himself in a penthouse for a much cheaper cost. Matt says he noticed the charge right after reaching his house when a receipt was emailed to him. Nothing like going to bed with the spins AND the raging anxiety of being broke.

After Matt complained about the ridiculous cost to Uber, Uber offered to cut the cost in half. That was nice of them, but that means someone still owes Uber over $500 just for the ride. Matt’s friends better have some money stashed away somewhere!

But that’s not the only insane charge an Uber passenger has received in this modern age of not being forced to only ride in stinky taxis….

1. $900 for a round trip in Los Angeles

Alan Dumpit in Los Angeles needed a ride to and from a show that would equal to 21 miles. After negotiating with the driver to bring the surge price from 9 times as much to 7 times as more than a normal fare, it still cost Dumpit almost $900.

2. $16,000 for a 7-mile ride in New York

Jaime Hessel was another victim of Uber’s “surge rates” during those peak hours when Uber is in high demand (like NYE or just bad weather for instance). Hessel already complained about the driver taking a longer route to her destination before receiving a receipt of $56 for the ride.

After complaining to Uber, the company agreed to credit her account $15. Then Hessel received an email saying that she needs to take care of her $12,000 bill with $4,000 was already “taken care of”. She eventually won the battle with a full refund before an Uber employee called to explain it was just a glitch in their system. Hessel however believes they were just trying to screw her over.

3. Almost $500 for less than a 30 minute ride

People are now posting these ridiculous charges to their social media pages. Like this guy….

Not entirely sure of the circumstance but we can guarantee you it wasn’t worth almost $500 bucks.

4. This $663 ride on Halloween will give you the willies

Everyone needs an Uber ride on New Year’s Eve, but Halloween most definitely comes in second place for times of the year when people need a designated driver. And an Ontario student got charged almost $700 for that shocking ride in 2015.

Another case of Uber’s “surge pricing” because everyone is looking for a ride on the scariest (and drunkest) night of the year. However instead of Uber offering to help settle the charge, the student started a Crowdfunding campaign which actually paid off. Literally. He was able to settle his debt with Uber thanks to some internet strangers.

5. $5 to travel 90 feet

Let’s look at a ridiculous fare for going possibly the shortest drive known to man. One rider was so drunk he called for an Uber to take him literally around the block, which came to almost $5.

Sure, it was the guy’s fault for being too drunk to realize he’s barking up the wrong tree and really just deserves the charge, but at the same time, a cab could get you almost 20 times that distance for about the same cost. Hilarious.



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