• May 27, 2024

Something Pelosi Said A Few Years Ago Is Coming Back To Haunt Her BIG Time…

Everything is fair in politics and impeachment. This time, the Democrats’ feathers are being ruffled.

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi may have regretted her choice to forego a House impeachment vote in 2019 in the case of President Trump as House Speaker Kevin McCarthy officially declared the House’s intention to investigate President Joe Biden. She appears to have forgotten herself in her excitement to launch an investigation leading to Trump’s impeachment.

The Democrats are finally getting their due. McCarthy is now doing the same thing to the former speaker and her Democratic colleagues that Pelosi did to McCarthy’s formal request for an impeachment investigation vote. The fate of President Joe Biden is now in the hands of a Republican majority.

McCarthy exemplifies the peril of utilizing temporary power to benefit both parties. Unfortunately, it is now the Democrats’ turn to squirm. He is not backing down in the face of pressure from his own party.

Democrats may be wishing for a second chance right now. Certainly, the disclosures that have prompted the impeachment process will not be comfortable for any of them. It will undoubtedly be uncomfortable for the Biden family, particularly the president.

Byron York, the Washington Examiner’s chief political correspondent, characterized the Democratic Party’s undoing well in this social media post:

“On October 15, 2019, three weeks after unilaterally declaring an impeachment inquiry, Speaker Pelosi, backed by Adam Schiff, insisted there was no requirement to hold an authorizing vote and she would not hold an authorizing vote.”

Beyond his smart observations, York detailed in the Washington Examiner the events that led up to McCarthy’s own quite intentional decision to launch this investigation without a vote.

Although Democrats are now complaining about the unfairness of launching an impeachment investigation without a proper House vote, the fact is that Pelosi established a precedent in 2019 by her own actions. McCarthy is not being unfair by merely following suit. Despite Democrats’ best efforts to downplay it, the evidence is overwhelming.

McCarthy is also not acting in a hurried manner. You’d have to be deaf to not notice that President Joe Biden is involved in this saga with his son Hunter Biden. There’s been a lot of pay-to-play action between these two.

They deceived the American people for the sake of the great dollar. While many Americans are suffering from the effects of inflation, these two are living the American dream to the fullest. Their day of reckoning has arrived.

Nancy Pelosi most likely had no idea. Even the monster that she is couldn’t have predicted how bold and idiotic Biden would be in the ultimate showdown.

And, to be honest, who could have predicted Hunter’s loose cannon? His out-of-control vices and behavior have now jeopardized Biden’s re-election campaign and the entire ticket.

The Democrats are terrified, with Vice President Kamala Harris assuming the presidency if an impeachment occurs at the end of what has only just begun.

Losing the White House to Republicans would be a step back in the Democrats’ destruction of the United States. Worse, picture what would happen to the swamp if Trump is re-elected.

Pelosi didn’t think about that when she helped craft the perfect plan to impeach Trump. In another tweet by York, he says, “Pelosi waited 5 weeks after unilaterally beginning inquiry. Purpose was, of course, political. Wanted to build support among her own vulnerable members and also wanted to pick up a few Republicans to call inquiry bipartisan. (Hoped to get Hurd, Katko, and Fitzpatrick. Got none.)”

According to CNN, in October of 2019, Pelosi stated unequivocally, “We’re not here to call bluffs.” We’re here to find the truth and to protect the United States Constitution… We are not playing a game. This is deadly serious, and we’re on a path toward truth and a schedule that respects our Constitution.” McCarthy is also now.

The drama continues, with the script flipped and the Democrats no longer deciding the outcome. They brought it on themselves.

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