Stevie Nick Describes Desperate Ways To Blow Coke, Affairs And Tells ALL In New Book

Fleetwood Mac’s queen of rock-and-roll just released a tell all biography and in it she describes her cocaine addiction and the desperate lengths she went to to use the drug, even after she burned a hole in the side of her nose, the size of a dime. Her addiction was so bad, she solicited the aid of assistants to rectally insert the drug. And because she never wanted to be far from her next hit, she wore a necklace, filled with the cocaine.


In a Daily Mail post it describes how she also goes into great detail on the many loves and fast and furious romances with elite rock and rollers of the time. Lindsey Buckingham was her first love, then a hot and heavy affair with bandmate, the married Mick Fleetwood, and her Eagles love affairs with Don Henley and Joe Walsh, who she describes as the love of her life are some of the stories she shares.


Stevie wasn’t the only one with a serious drug habit. While the band was on tour, in Europe, they hired Hitler’s former lush and luxurious private train to travel the country side in order to avoid airport searches.

Read about the band dynamics, touring, and her greatest regret, not having a baby.

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