• July 15, 2024

“Stoner” Accidentally Sends 50 Pounds Of Marijuana To Wrong Address.

Well, they say smoking marijuana kills brain cells, and that apparently seems to be the case for this would be recipient. Now he is out of both his money and dope. I would say I hope he/she learns a lesson, however I seriously doubt that.

HAZLET, N.J. — Police in a New Jersey town are asking the person who was expecting 50 pounds of marijuana in the mail to come claim the package.

The pot was delivered to a home in Hazlet. The homeowner called police, because it was addressed to someone who did not live at the residence.

Police say they were trying to figure out how to find the person when they opened the packages and discovered the marijuana in sealed bags. Police say the person is more than welcome to come to police headquarters to claim them. In the meantime, officers are trying to find the shipper and intended recipient.

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