• December 11, 2023

STRANGE: Joe Biden’s Signature on Latest Official Documents Is Raising Eyebrows

If you have been living under a rock for the last several years, you might not have known that sleepy Joe Biden is in failing health. It is not just his physical health we are talking about his mental facilities which are declining at a rapid rate in front of the whole world. It is pretty clear to most people that Biden is suffering from mild to moderate dementia and that only gets worse as time marches on.

That is why it makes perfect sense that the Democrats would keep Joe out of the spotlight over the election cycle, only to bring him out in controlled settings, but now that he is in office, his decline is out in the open. The left is doing their best to keep it under wraps which is why they have tapped Jill Biden, his wife to be his handler.

It would make perfect sense to have Jill be Joe’s handler, after all, they have been married for over forty years and she is by his side all the time. Jill is there to speak for Joe when he becomes confused, disoriented, or begins to mumble incoherently.

However, it is also possible that she is doing more than just ensuring her husband doesn’t fall off a stage? One eagle-eyed pharmacist made a keen observation when noticing Joe’s signature on documents that do not match his own. In fact, the signature looks as if Jill is FORGERING Joe’s signature to keep up appearances.


You be the judge.


Here is more from The True Defender: 

I am a pharmacist in Missouri. I read a few days ago that none of Biden’s Executive Orders have been posted to the Federal Register, so I looked, then, a few days ago. Those Executive Orders are showing up. However, I believe I have accidentally discovered his signature may be a forgery. I just sat on this discovery, thinking someone else more important would notice it. I guess no one has yet.

Part of my job as a pharmacist is to watch for forged doctor signatures and I am pretty sure Joe’s are forged. I suspect that he is embarrassed by his shaky signature and had his wife sign for his signature stamp used for official business. As you can see on the attachment the last three signatures are identical, indicative of a stamp, and that’s fine as long as it is his signature. Maybe that’s easier to submit to the Federal Register. Otherwise, I believe it is illegal to have someone else sign for a signature stamp that binds a legal document. I have seen the signature of doctors get shaky at the end of their careers, but never change in a single year as Joe’s purportedly has done.

If you have contact with a handwriting expert, perhaps you can have that person take a look. But look at the attachment I created, all from the public domain. Clearly, Joe has an established signature, but the last three signatures I have on the document are from separate Executive Orders that can be found online at the Federal Register. Clearly, in my opinion, they are not his signature. They look more like the signature of his wife, Jill, also on the attachment. Focus on the “B” in Biden. Perhaps an expert can offer a more definitive opinion.

Here is Joe Biden’s signature last year.

Here are more signatures by Joe Biden and Jill Biden.


And here are Joe Biden’s signatures from the last week.

Notice the “B” in the signature.

Is this Joe’s signature?


Notice anything strange? Is it possible that Jill is signing the documents and good ‘ole sleepy Joe is just waving his pen over blank documents? I am not sure but for me, none of this passes the sniff test.

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