• June 17, 2024

Show of Support For Milwaukee Police Encourages Officers

During nights of riots and violence somewhat quelled Monday night by a curfew in Milwaukee, small acts of kindness by some in the community showed support for the Milwaukee Police Department.

“A big thank you to the community from the men and women of MPD for all of the support, including dropping off food,” the Milwaukee Police Department tweeted out last night.

The tweet included a photo of food that was on the desks of officers, including fruit, coffee, and boxes of snacks.

“The Milwaukee Police Department has been receiving email, phone and in person message of support from the community. The messages are much appreciated by our officers and are a source of encouragement as they work maintain order in the community,” said Sergeant Timothy Gauerke, public information officer, in an email to The Daily Caller.


A Facebook page entitled We Support the Milwaukee Police Department was created amid the riots and had already had 194 likes on the new page as of Tuesday morning. One photo shown on the page is of the WPD’s badge with the words “We’re with you.”

The Wisconsin Professional Police Association issued a statement on the unrest in Milwaukee, and also commended the MPD for its work in restoring law and order to the city.

“We are tremendously proud of the Milwaukee officers for demonstrating great dedication and poise as they work to restore and maintain order and peace to the city, and we are also grateful to the community leaders and others that have stepped up to call for a greater sense of calm,” said Jim Palmer, executive director of the WPPA.

“May we come together as one people to find a meaningful and constructive way to avoid any further unlawful violence,” said Palmer.

Other residents took to the streets to somehow bring some solace in a city rocked by rioters, property damage and violence.

Some Milwaukee residents were offering free hugs and cupcakes, according to a report in local WCPO.

A group of people were in the Sherman Park neighborhood of Milwaukee’s north side handing off the free cupcakes and offering hugs. They held up a sign indicating what they were offering at the street corner.

A little boy pictured alongside the adults is seen blowing a plastic horn as cars drive by.

Article source - Daily Caller
Article source – Daily Caller


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