• July 23, 2024

Tai Chi Master Challenges an MMA Fighter to a Duel..Who Wins? [VIDEO]

Self proclaimed Tai Chi master Wei Lei challenged MMA instructor Xu Xiaodong to a duel to prove his martial arts is real.  He calls it his “thunder style” martial art.  There seems to have been some question about the benefits of Tai Chi.  After what happened in the match, there is no longer a question in that matter.  MMA fighting has become very popular over the last few years here in the United States probably because of the heavy violence involved.  It’s like when an Antifa fascist attacks the toddler Bible study teacher.

An MMA fighter has shamed a self-proclaimed Tai Chi master who challenged him to a duel to prove his kung fu is not a scam.

Xu Xiaodong, an MMA coach from Beijing, took down Tai Chi-practising Wei Lei in less than 10 seconds in front of shocked spectators on April 27 in Sichuan Province, south-east China.

Mr Wei, from Chengdu, claimed to have invented the ‘thunder-style’ martial arts.

According to a report on Sina News, the fight was scheduled about six months ago. At the time, Mr Xu made a comment on Wei Lei’s Weibo account, claiming that Tai Chi was a scam, and that the style had no actual fighting purpose.

Mr Wei, 41, saw that as an insult and challenged to fight 38-year-old Mr Xu, who is nicknamed ‘Mad Man’ for his controversial comments on traditional martial arts.

Xu Xiaodong used to be a professional MMA fighter. In 2007, he retired and became an MMA coach.

The duel took place at a martial club in Chengdu. It was witnessed by around 100 spectators. It was live-streamed on the internet.

Unexpectedly, the fight only lasted for about 10 seconds.


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