• May 29, 2023

Taking Time To Be Alone Can Be The Key To A Restful Body And Mind

Rest sounds easy to define, but turns out to be far from straightforward. To interject the 24/7 News cycle we all live with, for better or for worse, and add the burgeoning world of social media, it seems the mind has very little time to recharge itself making a person also physically exhausted. People in the survey were given a long list of activities, asking them to rank the three most restful, and the results were unexpected. Reading came out as the clear winner, followed by being in the natural environment, being on your own, listening to music and doing nothing in particular. Interesting that these three activities are done alone.

According to BBC:

Does it refer to a rested mind or a rested body? Actually, it depends. For some, the mind can’t rest unless the body is at rest. For others it is the opposite. It is the tiring out of the body through vigorous exercise that allows the mind to rest – 16% of people said they find exercise restful.

There is a hint that when you’re on your own, as well as switching off from other people, you get the chance to switch off from your own inner monologue as well, I feel that is true. I tend to see more clearly and focus more on visual. I breath better and find joy in these little restpits of quiet. So when the next debate is scheduled at 8pm, do yourself a favor, record it and watch it the next day, or just check out the Web. You will get all you need, plus a good nights sleep.


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