• July 23, 2024

Texas Man Finds Out Daughter is Having Sex…You Won’t believe What He Did Next

A father in Baytown, Texas has been sentenced to thirty years in prison after police found out how he had punished his daughter after finding out she had sexual relations with her boyfriend.  This is truly a sordid tale and the girl will take years to get over it…if she ever will.

After discovering that his daughter was having sex, the father told her she might as well be a prostitute and he began taking her to local truck stops where she would prostitute herself and her father took all the money she made.  He even made her set up an ad on Backpage.

She told police she had ‘several’ customers a night and that her father kept whatever money she made. 

He also forced her to make an ad on the listings website Backpage.com to bring in customers.

It described her as ‘clean kept and always shaved’.  

Robinson was jailed for 30 years this week for aggravated compelling of prostitution after being caught when he set up an appointment in a hotel room with an undercover police officer in 2015.

The child had offered the officer oral sex in return for $280.


From The Mail Online:

Her stepmother and stepbrother are also facing charges for knowing about the scheme. Her brother drove her to ‘out call’ appointments with customers.

The girl’s mother died while she was a child. 

Police honed in on the family after receiving an anonymous tip that a 16-year-old girl was being pimped out by her father. 

The daughter told investigators how it began when her father learned she was sexually active.

‘The facts showed that Scott Robinson forced his own daughter into the depths of the illegal sex industry,’ said JoAnne Musick, chief of the Harris County District Attorney’s Office Sex Crimes Division. 

‘His depravity earned him decades in state prison.’

The girl’s stepmother and stepbrother both admitted their roles in the plot and testified against Robinson. 

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