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The Absolute Worst DIY Fixes of All Time [VIDEO]

Have you ever had something break in your home you couldn’t afford to have repaired?  It’s happened to me a time or two but I never got this desperate.  They do look funny but some of them are downright dangerous and could kill you.  That would spoil your whole day and there’s no fix for that.


I can remember when a fuse would blow and we were out of new fuses, we would use a penny to override the fuse.  My mother loved books with a passion and you didn’t dare use one to level a table but we all know it’s common.

From The Mail Online:

We all know someone who thinks they’re a dab hand at DIY, but sometimes it really is best to just call in a professional. 

Now the blog There, I fixed it is documenting the most woeful home improvement fails that are both hilarious  and worryingly unsafe at the same time. 

From taping a key to the end of a faulty plug and shoving it in a socket, to using books instead of bricks for essential structural repairs, these photos show that some people would be wisest to step away from the tool box.   



I have a table just like this

This water bottle found a new lease of life when the tap broke 

Broken tap?  No problem

If you don't have the correct plug to fit the socket, there's no need to worry! 

Wiring for dummies

A broken toilet that ended up being repaired with a seat of a different kind 

Hey, if you have to replace the seat anyway, you might as well make it more suitable for someone with long legs

Books seem to be a popular choice when building materials are in short supply 

Mom would not be pleased

You've heard of up-cycling and so has the creative person who managed to combine a cooker and a washing machine in one 

Multi tasking made simple

Empty bottles of whiskey and wine can come in handy when they toilet flush is broken

I have no idea what to say about this

If your laptop tends to get overheated then it can cause problems, but this may not be the ideal solution 

That’s one way to keep your laptop from overheating

A humble bottle of shower gel became an important component of the bathroom lighting in this house 

Fortunately this guy had a bottle of body wash or he’d have been in big trouble

Shower at your own risk! Bare wires make having a scrub a precarious endeavour in this home 

Pay no attention to the sparks

Some crafty individual found another use for a butter knife when they lock on the toilet door broke 

This probably comes in handy if you need to cut the cheese

Meccano magic: It's probably fair to say the bricks belonged to someone not old enough to shave 

Wait til you see the shower caddy

A unique toilet roll holder certainly made a visit to this bathroom a unique experience 

For that industrial strength toilet paper

If your TV unit doesn't fit, don't worry! Simply get out the saw and make it work 

Wall to wall picture and sound

Some cars come fitted with on-board entertainment, but others have to improvise 

All he needs is a fan to keep it cool

If you can't find a chair, precariously balancing on a water bottle is an alternative you've probably not considered before 

Not for the mentally unbalanced

Why fork out for an expensive TV unity when you can make your own from a cardboard box?

Make up your own comment

If the spout on the coffee machine is broken, you could just stick a fork in as an alternative 

Lose your teapot lid?  Well, fork it

This dangerously propped up air conditioning unit looks as if it could buckle the stool at any moment 

This air conditioner ain’t cool, man

Can't find roller skates to fit? Just tape some wheels on to your boots

At least you don’t have to worry about losing the key

A lack of a plug doesn't have to stop you charging if you have some screwdrivers to hand 

I’m shocked.  This could be a revolting development



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