• February 9, 2023

The Contents of Hunter Biden’s Laptop From Hell Are Now Revealed [VIDEO]

It has been months of silence from the Biden camp concerning Hunter and his laptop from hell, but now there may be some news coming in from Jack Maxey.

Maxey is one of the first journalists to be given access to a copy of Hunter Biden’s hard drives, which contain stunning evidence of moral and financial corruption within the Biden family, in what he calls “The biggest national security scandal in the history of our planet.”

Maxey says “There are a dozen hours of Hunter smoking crack and there is child pornography [including of Hunter with his own 13-year old niece].”

In fact, the FBI had this laptop before the first Trump impeachment, and there is a concentrated effort to protect the Biden family.

The Hunter Biden files detail Hunter’s direct involvement with Chairman Xi Jinping, the Biden family’s Beijing-backed business deals all over the world, and possible Chinese infiltration of the US Government with Hunter Biden’s help.

Emails show Hunter Biden and the Chinese eventually scrambling to clean up their mess, as the Bidens’ top business contacts end up arrested or “disappeared”. Hunter goes so far as to purposefully incriminate his own family members, including his president father to protect himself.

Perhaps the most stunning of all, the American intelligence community knew for years about what Rudy Giuliani has called the ‘Biden Crime Family’ and they did nothing about it for darker reasons than you might think.

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