• April 13, 2024

The Huge Thing Trump Just Revealed About Sarah Palin Has Her Fans Buzzing

It was just a little more than a week ago when Sarah Palin said some very nice things about the current leader of the GOP presidential pack, Donald Trump. Asked about Trump’s controversial comments regarding Sen. John McCain, with whom Palin shared the ticket in 2008, the former Alaska governor praised both men.CNN noted that Palin sent the network an email that was highly complimentary of The Donald’s tough stand on key issues:

Trump is the candidate giving voice to untold millions of fed-up Americans witnessing a purposeful destruction of our economy and the equal opportunity for success that made America exceptional,” Palin said. “We’re watching career politicians throw away our kids’ future through bankrupting public budgets and ripping open our porous borders which, obvious to all us non-politicians, puts us at great risk.”

Now, in a sense, Trump is returning the favor — saying very positive things about the woman who once generated media and even intraparty heat and hate in a way similar to what the business mogul is experiencing now as he makes a headlong run for the White House.

But Trump’s recent radio interview, in which he called Palin “a special person,” is generating a lot of speculation because he also said he’d “love” to have Palin in his administration should he win the presidency. Politico went so far as to hype Trump’s comments in a headline that read, “Donald Trump says he’d tap Sarah Palin for a Cabinet post.” Nowhere in Trump’s interview, however, was a cabinet post specifically mentioned for his fellow GOPer.

What Trump did say on Mama Grizzly Radio’s “The Palin Update” about whether he would seek the former governor’s advice or potentially bring her in in some official capacity was, “I’d love that.”

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