• November 29, 2023

The Mayor Of Los Angeles Just Dropped A Total Bombshell Concerning Illegal Aliens…

The Los Angeles City Council approved a little more than two months ago to become a “Sanctuary City” in the “Sanctuary State” of California. In direct contrast to her previous pronouncements, Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass (D) has stated that illegal aliens are not welcome in the city.

Bass’ unexpected resistance follows Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s months of busing illegal immigrants to Los Angeles.

“L.A. has not extended an invitation asking for people to come,” Bass told Fox L.A. anchor Marla Tellez. “This is a political act.”

Initially, Bass was welcoming to the refugees, and her Democratic colleagues rallied to show Abbott wrong; contrary to the Texas governor’s plan, they said, Los Angeles would embrace these migrants.

“Los Angeles is not a city motivated by hate or fear and we absolutely will not be swayed or moved by petty politicians playing with human lives,” Bass said in June. “We are a city that seeks to treat all people with dignity and compassion and we will continue to work closely with non-profit organizations, including the L.A. Welcomes Collective, as well as with our County, State and Federal partners.”

LA Councilmember Eunisses Hernandez even stated flatly that Abbott’s actions were the driving force behind her fight for sanctuary status that embraces all people.

“These dangerous actions from far-right, weak-minded politicians who rely on stunts instead of actual leadership are exactly why we’re fighting to make L.A. a sanctuary city,” Hernandez said. “L.A. was built by immigrants and it thrives because of immigrants. We will continue to be a place that values and dignifies all human life, no matter who they are or where they come from.”

That sounds like a pretty open invitation.

On June 9, the Los Angeles City Council formally approved Hernandez’s request. All they have to do now to become a sanctuary is fill out some paperwork.

Bass appears to have better put a stop to it, or she may expect a flood of illegal immigrants – or she can join the GOP and put pressure on federally elected Democrats to finally protect the border. She has the option.

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