• June 19, 2024

The Olympic Diving Pool Has Suddenly Turned Green

In a bizarre twist of events, the Olympic diving pool water has unexplainably turned green and cloudy. It is yet to be known what has caused this change in color but the water polo pool which is right next to the diving pool remains clear blue.

According to Breaking 911,

Great Britain’s Tom Daley, who (along with partner Daniel Goodfellow) won bronze in the men’s synchronized event on Monday, and others watching the women’s synchronized 10-meter final Tuesday posted photos on social media that show the diving pool, which is green and cloudy, next to the water polo pool, which appears blue and clear.

There have been no formal explanations yet about how and when the change in the water occurred, but the pool appeared normal during Monday’s competition. Outdoor pool water can turn green with the presence of algae, which indicates that there is not enough chlorine in the water.

Before the games began, Valerie Harwood, chair of the Department of Integrative Biology at the University of South Florida, issued a strong recommendation to Olympians and visitors alike in an interview with the Associated Press: “Don’t put your head under water.”

These Olympic divers don’t really have a choice.

This change in water color is likely a result of algae build up though one would think that both pools are kept up in the same way and should both be green. This is curious but the real issue for the safety of the Olympic divers. Unfortunately, they will have to dive head first into these dark waters in spite of the warnings not to put one’s head under. Let’s just hope they get the pool cleaned up in a timely manner.

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