The Results From Iowa Are In..It’s Cruz and Clinton (UPDATED)


The results are just finishing up and Ted Cruz has won the Iowa Caucus.  This is a good break for Ted Cruz.  He needed to win this caucus because he has little or no chance in the next three contests.  Two primaries, South Carolina and New Hampshire are locks for Trump as well as the caucus in Nevada.  Going into the SEC primaries after going four for four, would give Donald Trump all kind of momentum.

Cruz has a great organization throughout the South, but Trump motivates voters to go the extra mile.  Who can forget people in Iowa standing outside in the freezing cold just to hear him speak.  Since Cruz has managed to squeeze out Trump in Iowa, it  gives  him bragging rights and something to carry him into SEC primary day. You can’t count Cruz out, but the job ahead for him will be as difficult as hell.  He should win his home state of Texas, but Trump has led in all but one poll from Texas.

The current count is Cruz  28 % and Trump  24% and Rubio with  23% with 99% reporting.

On the democrat side Clinton leads Sanders by a score of   50% to 49%, still too close to call.  This story will be updated when that is decided.   .  It was beginning to look like Sanders could double up on Hillary but the late votes swung her way and it .  Sanders is nearly a lock for New Hampshire but Nevada and South Carolina should go her way.  The South could be a tough row to hoe for both candidates.  The South has not been in the hands of the democrats since their KKK days.

The final count was Clinton over Sanders 50-49%.

Both races were tight and the number of people participating in the caucus was much higher than in 2012 and that should have been to Trump’s advantage, but Cruz had a great ground game and was able to get more voters out to the caucus stations.

Next week….New Hampshire.

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