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The Top Ten Cases Where Deep State,FBI,DOJ and CIA Spies Tried to Set Up Trump Campaign

Jim Hoft of the Gateway Pundit has assembled a list of times the Obama administration used the Deep State, FBI, DOJ and CIA to set up the Trump campaign and presidency. We’ve all seen these cases before, but seeing them combined in one article is mind blowing. Before Obama, we would all have felt this type of abuse of power could never be used against an American citizen. But, we now know with a corrupt Obama, all things are possible. Obama and his henchmen could not find a crime, so they decided to manufacture some. They didn’t count on Republicans being too ethical to fall into their traps.

Here are the top ten:

General Mike Flynn – General Flynn was the recipient of at least two instances where the Deep State spies set him up.  The first known instance was noted a couple nights ago on the Hannity Show by Sara Carter.  Carter stated that General Flynn was invited by CIA and FBI spy Stefan Halper to attend a dinner sponsored by Halper in February of 2014.  Halper placed General Flynn next to a Russian guest and then later used this information to suggest Flynn was too cozy with Russians.  According to Sara Carter –

Flynn was already walking a fine line with the Obama Administration and battling President Obama and the CIA over his deep disagreement with the administration’s narrative that al-Qaeda and extremists groups, had been defeated or were on the run. Several months later Flynn was forced to resign early and ended his tenure as the director of the DIA.

Flynn later joined the Trump team and was outspoken against President Obama.  It’s unknown if a FISA Warrant was used against General Flynn and if so, if it was based on Halper’s set up in 2014.  What we do know is that fired and disgraced former FBI Director James Comey was asked this question by a Trump member (Reince Priebus) and his answer was redacted by the Deep state.

General Mike Flynn (2) – General Flynn was also attacked by the Deep State FBI and DOJ while in the White House a few days after taking over as President Trump’s National Security Advisor.  He was accused of lying to the FBI’s corrupt cop Peter Strzok in spite of evidence that he did not.  Former FBI Director Comey said that Flynn did not lie to the FBI.  Nevertheless, Flynn was charged with lying to the FBI by corrupt Deep State leader Robert Mueller and (after no doubt being coerced) he pled guilty to the plea.  Now we know that the whole thing was a set up by the Deep State.

Carter Page – Stephan Halper was also used by the FBI to get to Carter Page from the Trump Campaign and he eventually assisted the FBI in obtaining a FISA warrant to spy on Carter and the Trump Campaign.  Sara Carter reports –

In 2016, Halper was an integral part of the FBI’s investigation into short-term Trump campaign volunteer, Carter Page. Halper first made contact with Page at his seminar in July 2016. Page, who was already on the FBI’s radar, was accused of being sympathetic to Russia and sought better relations between the U.S. and Russian officials. Halper stayed in contact with Page until September 2017.

During that time, the FBI sought and obtained a warrant from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) to spy on Page and used Halper to collect information on him, according to sources. The House Intelligence Committee Russia report and documents obtained by this outlet revealed that the bulk of the warrant against Page relied heavily on an unverified dossier compiled by Former British Spy Christopher Steele and the matter is still under congressional investigation. Steele, who was a former MI6 agent, also had ties to many of the same people, like former MI6 chief Sir Richard Dearlove, who were part of the seminar.

George Papadopoulos – Nobody even heard of George Papadopoulos until he pled guilty for making false statements to FBI agents.  This too was all a set up.  As a matter of fact, Papadopoulos was the recipient of numerous attacks by the Deep State and corrupt FBI, CIA and Deep State operative Stefan Halper was involved as well.

Halper set up Papadopoulos with Australian diplomat as the New York Times reported in late 2017:

During a night of heavy drinking at an upscale London bar in May 2016, George Papadopoulos, a young foreign policy adviser to the Trump campaign, made a startling revelation to Australia’s top diplomat in Britain: Russia had political dirt on Hillary Clinton.

About three weeks earlier, Mr. Papadopoulos had been told that Moscow had thousands of emails that would embarrass Mrs. Clinton, apparently stolen in an effort to try to damage her campaign.

Halper was involved with giving information to Papadopoulos that was later shared with the NYTimes and used against Papadopoulos.

George Papadopoulos (2) – Another action the Deep State took with young George was to offer him thousands of dollars to be a spy.  Chuck Ross from The Daily Caller reported that Sergei Millian, the source of the anti-Trump Steele Dossier, offered George Papadopoulos $30,000 a month to work as a “consultant” (spy) in the Trump White House.

George Papadopoulos (3) –Papadopoulos was no doubt set up by the Deep State a third time in 2016 when he was given $10,000 by a spy in Europe right before Papadopoulos flew back to the States  –

The $10k payment to Papadopoulos was almost guaranteed to be a sting operation; a set-up.

Federal agents were waiting for Papadopoulos at the airport upon his arrival and re-entry into the U.S.  If Mr. Papadopoulos had carried that $10k into the U.S. without declaring a U.S. treasury filing, the FBI/DOJ would have nailed him on a treasury violation.

Bringing $10,000 (or more) cash into the U.S., without reporting, is major trouble; add into that aspect the likelihood the set-up included use of an intelligence asset, and the issue can be compounded into laundering money.  That’s just the type of leverage Robert Mueller was looking for.

Sam Clovis – Former Trump Campaign aid Sam Clovis told Tucker Carlson that Stefan Halper sent him several emails and said he wanted to come in and discuss foreign policy. His research was focused mostly on China. Clovis goes on to say he believes Halper used his meeting as a bona fides to contact George Papadopoulos.

Michael Caputo – Former Trump campaign official Michael Caputo went on with Tucker Carlson and he discussed how the Obama FBI was spying on the Donald Trump Campaign. Caputo told Tucker that he now has proof that the man who approached him in 2016 was indeed a veteran FBI spy.

Donald Trump Jr – The President’s eldest son was also the target of FBI spying.  Fusion GPS employees set up Donald Trump Jr. and the Trump campaign to hold a meeting in Trump Tower.  According to Mark Stewart, the General Counsel for the House Committee responding to Fusion GPS, at least three of the people at the meeting with Donald Trump Jr. at Trump Tower in June 2016 were Fusion GPS officials.  It was all a set up.

The Dossier – The entire FBI scandal revolves around the Fusion GPS fake dossier.  This document was created and not confirmed and then presented to the FISA court to obtain warrants to spy on the Trump team.  It’s illegal to provide information to the FISA court that is not accurate while stating that it is.  It is also illegal to leave out material information like the source and accuracy of the dossier.  It is clear that Deep State spies were instrumental in the creation of the false narrative in the dossier.

The worst part is that the ones being set up are being put through hell, but thanks to Jeff “AWOL” Sessions, the real criminals are walking free. My fondest wish is that Trump fires Rosenstein, then Sessions threatens to resign and president Trump accepts before he can change his mind. Then there are two people that Trump could replace them with Rudy Giuliani and Chris Christie. Now, before you pan Christie, you should be aware of his record on corruption. He filed cases against 130 politicians for corruption. He got 130 convictions. You can’t do much better than that and that is in NJ where politician’s corruption is a given.

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