• September 26, 2022

These 10 Tweets Show What America Thinks About Obama’s Post-Election Speech

President Obama took to the microphone this afternoon to address the results from Tuesday night’s power-shifting midterm elections.

The persistent theme of the press conference was whether or not he’d work with Republicans. While he did state that he is committed to work with Congressional leadership, many felt the President didn’t handle the persistent line of questioning too well:

On Twitter, people felt that his words sounded all too familiar:

Many were disenchanted by the speech:


Then you have people like this, who were actually looking forward to his speech:

And there’s always the idiots who felt the president did a “great” job:


There were others who aggravated about it being broadcast to begin with:


The President should acknowledge that there are some gaping holes that need to be fixed over the next twoyears and that working across the aisle is the only way to accomplish that. However, as we’ve all seen, Obama has a mind of his own and his own agenda to pursue, regardless of what the best course of action for America’s future is.

Source: IJ Review

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