These Are The Most F####d Up Album Covers Ever Created [PHOTOS]

Although I could be wrong, in my opinion these are some of the worst album covers I’ve ever seen. A few of these covers have been making the rounds on the Internet for a least a decade (so they’ll probably look familiar to you). Others were new to me and simply godawful but totally funny at the same time. What in the hell were they thinking?


Feel free to add your “worst album cover” in the comments section here on Dangerous Minds or on our Facebook page. I’m curious to see them. I need a good laugh today. But don’t we all?

No thanks, I will never be that hungry.


Um… okay.

Just need a pitchfork to form a Kettle.

Okay, I admit that this one strangely had me excited a little bit.

This record was hot back then.

Someone let Satan know there’s a hole in his fence.

Not that there’s anything wrong with it.

How did they get the guy to be so small?

Boy, I’ll bet this guy had no trouble getting laid.

I understand the suits, but will someone explain the hair?


Nice hat.


Hopefully there will be an open bar.

How the hell did they find two suits like that?

Is it me, or does he look pregnant?

I just threw up a little bit in my own mouth.

Reminds me of Carol on the Bob Newhart Show.

Her album stunk.

What the hell is going on here?

Sounds like a personal problem, Freddie.

Wasn’t that the year they started doing drugs?

He went on to have a fabulous career on Romance novel book covers.

Mustache looks like a waterlogged mouse.

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