• July 19, 2024

These Parents Are FURIOUS For What School Lunch Lady Told Their 7-year-Old Son

An adorable 7-year-old in Snohomish, Washington got a surprise when he went to the Cascade View Elementary cafeteria for lunch on October 20.

According to the child, whose name is Xavier, when the lunch lady passed out the sack lunches that day, she stopped when it was time to hand him food. Xavier told reporters that when she got to him, she said “Guess what, you can’t have a lunch,” and moved to the next child.

According to Xavier’s father, only identified as Eric, Xavier is supposed to be on the system’s free lunch program. Instead of getting a meal, Xavier was reportedly sent home with a slip telling his parents that he had a negative lunch balance. The school district is investigating the incident.

A spokesperson told reporters that if a child’s balance goes negative $20 or more, they are given a cheese sandwich, a drink, and unlimited fruits and veggies from the school’s salad bar. Xavier wasn’t even offered that, apparently all because his family is on state assistance.

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