• August 11, 2022

This Couple Demonstrates Their Sex Drive at 45 MPH [VIDEO]

A couple were caught having sex as they were driving down the road at 45 MPH. Another driver saw what was going on and he recorded some of the action. It seems to me this would be more distracting than texting.

A motorist has been filmed having sex with his female passenger while driving his Hyundai at 45 mph on a highway in Moscow.

The scene was filmed from another car on the road and posted on the Mash public group on a major Russian social network.

The report said he was driving his Hyundai while being ‘attentive to his partner at the same time’.

The group also seemed to find the Hyandai motto ‘New Thinking, New Possibilities’ had particular resonance with the manner in which the driver was conducting himself behind the wheel.

‘This guy is a true Caesar,’ reported the group.

‘He is doing several things at the same time, he is driving his car and having sex.

‘We only hope that this risky couple did not break any traffic rules.

‘We do not recommend repeating it,’ the group said.

It appears that the woman is not wearing a seatbelt and the driver’s attention cannot be focused entirely on the road when he is otherwise engaged with someone sitting on top of him.

H/T The Mail Online


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