• July 24, 2024

This Is Really Gonna Pi$$ You Off! $1.2 Million Of Your Tax Dollars Spent On Life Size Pac Man, And Other Wasteful Spending

With the national debt creeping up on $20 trillion dollars, you gotta wonder what in the heck are they spending that much money on? Well, here’s compilation of at least 101 things at which the government is throwing your money!

FOXNewsInsider:You will not believe what your government is wasting your tax dollars on.

Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) published “Wastebook: The Farce Awakens,” which chronicles more than $100 billion in egregious and unnecessary federal spending.

Flake went “On the Record” tonight to reveal some examples of wasteful spending from his 286-page report, including $276,000 on a study to find out why some people date out of their league, $1.3 million to determine if beer koozies really work, $780,000 to find out if pizza is as addictive as crack and $5 million to get hipsters to stop smoking.

“It sounds like the ideas for some of these were come up with in a frat house or something,” Flake told Greta Van Susteren.

He explained that appropriations bills are no longer voted on one-by-one, and instead one omnibus bill or continuing resolution has everything lumped in together.

“When you do that, it’s very difficult to have real oversight over these agencies.”

Watch more above and be sure to check out the 2015 “Wastebook” to see other cringe-worthy examples of government waste, including monkeys on treadmills, sheep in microgravity, a life-size Pac-Man game and a fight club for shrimp.

Here’s some more examples. And I wonder how much it cost to put together this list? Hmmm.

Suspicious bar coasters ($2.5 million), #angrytweets & #heartattacks ($668,000), Fat detector ($200,000), The fish who didn’t get away ($175,000), VA execs : More money less work($1.8 million) … and on and on… Here’s the link to the report. 

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