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This Jerk Decked A Disabled Vet For The Most Idiotic Reason!

Some people have no filters or sense of respect. This idiot thought he had the right to assault a former, and disabled, military man when he made a simple request and this happened….

Twenty-one-year-old Dominick Vidal punched a disabled veteran in the face Monday after he refused to let his daughter pet his service dog.

According to ABC, the incident occurred at a Fayetteville (NY) Dunkin Donuts. The veteran approached Vidal — who was waiting in line — and told him to ask Vidal’s daughter to stop petting his dog, as it was a service animal. Vidal struck the veteran twice before fleeing the scene.

He turned himself in to the authorities later that day to “claim responsibility for his actions.” Upon turning himself in, he reportedly told police he “should not have done what he did.”

Vidal was charged with third-degree assault and endangering the welfare of a child.


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