• July 19, 2024

This May Break The Internet! Donald Trump Will Host An Ask Me Anything On Reddit Wednesday Night


Yes, you heard it right, Donald Trump will be hosting another Ask Me Anything on Reddit this Wednesday night. There is a threat that Anti-Trump supporters will crash the thread with their own input as more of Reddit’s users are liberal than conservative.

According to Salon.com,

Wednesday night, if you’re not busy watching Barak at the DNC, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump will be hosting an Ask Me Anything (AMA) on Reddit.

Many of the redditors are worrying about non-Trump supporters crashing the thread, which is probably why it’s being hosted on r/The_Donald to begin with. “How are you guys going to deal with the inevitable influx of anti-Trump folk?,” one redditor asked. “Obviously we want him to answer our questions, but there’s a good chance our genuine questions will be down voted into oblivion”

Reddit skews pretty liberal; of the users who use it for news (which are probably the same users interested in this AMA) 47% identify as liberal, and a mere 13% as conservative.

This won’t be the first AMA The Donald has hosted in the last couple weeks. Previous guests include delegates at the RNC and Milo Yiannopoulous just a few days before his ban from Twitter.

One PR firm, Big Fish, gives tips for hosting an AMA, which include: “If you have something to hide don’t host an AMA,” and “never be too promotional.”

“Prepare in advance for tough questions and decide how you’ll answer them,” their website suggests. “Not answering a question, whether it’s pointed and difficult or silly and irrelevant, is like signaling for an attack.”

Other politicians have hosted AMAs during election season, including Obama and Sen. Rand Paul.

We will see what this Ask Me Anything will do for Trump and Trump supporters and can only hope that the session will be informative for both the liberal and conservative followers. AMA’s are pretty common and this is not Trump’s first one so he should be able to handle the influx of Anti-Trump opinions. And who knows, maybe he will get a few Anti-Trumps to convert.

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