• July 13, 2024

Three Thugs Beat and Rob Man in Philadelphia in Broad Daylight [VIDEO]

Three thugs attacked a man on the streets of Philadelphia in broad daylight.  After beating him unconscious, they picked his pockets.  He was attacked as he was coming out of a restaurant in order to apply for a job.  The beat down was brutal.

 After one of them, wearing a cast on his right arm, looks into the restaurant window, he appears to signal to the other two males, who turn around.

Seconds later, the victim walks out of the restaurant. He had been in the restaurant to pick up a job application, seeking employment to support his four-year-old daughter, he told Fox29.

The victim doesn’t appear to flee from the three assailants, who strike him and knock him to the ground in a blitz attack.

After mercilessly beating and stomping the unconscious man, one of the attackers goes through his pockets, stealing his money, wallet and cell phone.

The attackers are described as a black or Hispanic male with a scruffy beard and mustache, wearing a black skully hat, black coat, and black sweatpants; a Hispanic male with a light complexion, bushy hair, wearing a red hooded sweatshirt, red pants, and red sneakers; and a Hispanic male with a stocky build, beard and mustache, a cast on his right arm, tattoos on both arms, wearing a white t-shirt, black pants, and red sneakers.

Police say they aren’t sure whether the victim knew the assailants.

The victim was transported to a hospital with a broken nose and orbital bone, and has since been released.

Police Captain Sekou Kinebrew stated:

‘It is kind of difficult to jump into their minds to see what they were thinking, if it was something spontaneous – they see someone and they went on the attack – or that is what their plan was that day.’

‘But that is another reason we want to get them in, because regardless of their motive, what transpired was brutal.’

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