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Toddler Says Man Talks to Him Nightly…The Truth is Terrifying Them

A three year old boy told his parents that every night a stranger talks to him.  At first they shrugged it off as an “imaginary friend.”  But then they began to wonder and they entered their son’s room one night.  Just as they were about to leave they heard a voice say,  “Wake up little boy, daddy’s looking for you.”  Then they noticed that the camera on the baby monitor was moving about, keeping an eye on them.  

They contacted the company that makes the baby monitor and they were given some shocking information.  A third party can hack into the monitor and take full control of it and there is no way to track down the person doing it.  That’s scary.  The only way to be fully protected is to remove the monitor from your baby’s room.  You could replace it with a cheap one way monitor with no camera.

The parents quickly contacted the baby monitor company and asked what was going on. The company told them that it was possible a third party could have hacked into the monitor. The hacker could have the ability to control the camera from his phone or computer, but there was no way to track down who was responsible or where that person might be located.

According to the Huffington Post, baby monitor hacking has become a problem in recent years, following the rise of baby monitors with Wi-Fi connections. There have been a number of stories similar to Sarah and Jay’s.

An Indiana mother says that she heard the song “Every Breath You Take” by The Police playing over her daughter’s baby monitor, followed by “sexual noises.”

In another incident in Texas, parents say they heard a hacker’s voice through their 2-year-old daughter’s baby monitor. The voice called the toddler “a moron,” among other insults.

Most parents don’t need access to the monitor when they aren’t home so Wi-Fi monitors aren’t really needed and therefore you are taking a risk for no gain.  The second suggestion is that if you do need a Wi-Fi unit make sure you have a really secure password.  Also, it’s a good idea to see if the manufacturing company provides updates to the security of their monitors.

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