• July 19, 2024

Transgender Policy Slammed By Victim Of Molestation In North Carolina

In the never ending debate on which bathroom one identifies with; this administration seems to only be making things worst. With It’s non stop shaming of those that live in the world of common sense, that  seems to be in short supply. It is indeed a breath of fresh air when a real life victim is speaking of her ordeal to what otherwise is perceived of as a victimless policy. Gina Little has told her story in the past, and has mentioned that the teenager who molested her was a family member. Little’s testimony for McCrory, reflects voters’ concerns about the risks created by the pro-transgender policy that is being pushed by Obama and by Cooper, and his out-of-state donors.

According to Breibart:

“The Truth About Roy Cooper,” shows Greensboro resident Gina Little slamming the Democratic gubernatorial candidate, Roy Cooper, and President Barack Obama, who are pushing for government enforcement of the transgender ideology, which requires men and women — as well as children — to share public bathrooms and locker rooms with people of the opposite sex.

It is truly a shame that we even have to talk about this issue, but it is a reflection on how deep liberal lunacy is imbedded in our culture, to almost the point where it makes sense. When did right become wrong; or when did logic replace feelings? Since when have those with emotional problems dictate the law of the land against the majority, by using shame as their latest and most successful strategy? The intention to make everyone happy or equal should be a non existent goal. It’s just not possible. To those who believe that government can right the wrongs of their perceived injustice is more than unrealistic, it’s delusional. What do you think?


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