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Trump Supporter and Mother of Two Fears for Her Life and Her Children’s Safety After Kathy Griffin Doxxes Her Family

Ahh, the tolerate left and their efforts to unite after Joe Biden was installed into the White House are going swimmingly, don’t you think?

The shrill screams from the left that all Trump supporters need to be de-programmed or that we are all terrorists ring loudly in our ears, but we are the dangerous ones. Whatever.

Now, many of us can take online bullying from ignorant leftists on Facebook or Twitter but it is quite a different story when the bullying comes from someone in Hollywood. Granted, this is a D-list actor at best, but Kathy Griffin sure knows how to foment her evil base.

Griffin is not known for much in her acting career but what gave her HUGE ratings was when she held the fake head of President Trump dripping in blood early on in his presidency. There was a massive backlash for her actions and whatever success she had come crashing down around her.

For quite some time, Griffin was silent but now that Biden has stolen the election she has become bold again with her actions and is focusing her energy on destroying a mother of two.

The day after the election, Griffin posted the infamous picture again on Twitter, (and of course, Twitter left it up) with the caption, “Just resign now. You lost. It’s over,”

Danielle McCarty, a 43-year old mom who was a former Democrat, fired back at the nasty Griffin for promoting violence against the president, and her world has been turned upside down since.

“The despicable Kathy Griffin is at it again,” McCarty, a former Democrat who recently became a Trump supporter, replied.


Griffin deleted the tweet that angered McCarty, but she and her 2.1 million followers capitalized on the photo depicting Trump’s beheading by targeting McCarty and family.

The sorry excuse of an actress and comedian warned in a Jan. 9 tweet that the stay at home mother of two is a “domestic terrorist.”


Sadly, McCarty has been inundated with hundreds of hateful messages daily since Griffin’s attack.

“I was out playing in the snow with my family, came back in from the cold and checked my Instagram and I was flooded with messages, hundreds of messages on each of my accounts, all from her followers saying really disgusting, nasty, mean things,” McCarty explained in an interview with the Gateway Pundit. “My husband is freaked out. He’s scared for his family. He’s scared he’ll lose his job. We’ve received threats. They’ve doxed me. They know where we live.”

On Jan. 30, the washed-up comedian posted a screenshot of McCarty’s at the “Save America” on the National Mall on Jan. 6, warning “the FBI now has the video.”

“They all made threats, warning that they’ve reported me to the FBI because I was at the Capitol on Jan. 6. That doesn’t concern me much because I didn’t break any laws. I was there, I never even went into the building. I wasn’t involved in the rioting.  I was there praying. But they are calling me an insurrectionist, a domestic terrorist and telling me that they wish that I would die.”

But the attacks didn’t stop there.

Then when you thought Griffin could not go any lower she does. The nasty actress then posted photographs of McCarty’s son holding his new BB gun on Christmas.

While the leftwing mob championed Griffin for parading around with a severed head of Trump, they sent claimed McCarty is a terrorist for gifting her son a BB gun for Christmas.

“My kids and I were doing Charlie’s angels poses in front of the Christmas tree because my son had gotten his first BB gun,” she explained. “We just watched a Christmas Story a couple of days before that. It was kind of a big thing for us, like, ‘Oh my gosh, my son is finally the age of the same age as the kid in the movie.

“They’re calling me a ‘homegrown terrorist,’ accusing me of teaching my kids to be violent, telling me they wish I get raped in prison and that they hope my kids get cancer and die – the most disgusting things you can think of.”


Of course, all the liberal rags that love to call themselves publications joined Griffin in by attacking McCarty. Yet, none of the so-called journalists who authored the reports tried reaching McCarty for comment.

A headline published by Raw Story refers to McCarty as a “MAGA bully.”

The Wall Street Rebel championed Griffin for helping the FBI “Track Down [a] Capitol insurrectionist.”

“Kathy Griffin gets the ultimate revenge on MAGA harasser by turning her in to FBI for rioting at Capitol,” LGBT Nation reports.

The Gaily Grind, an LGBT publication, warns McCarty is a “Capitol Rioter” who attacked Griffin. FBI

It was not until July of 2020, after months of a nationwide lockdown over the coronavirus pandemic, McCarty was registered as a Democrat who believed Trump “was a bully” and never really paid attention to politics.

“When the [COVID] lockdowns happened, I was just shocked. I’d never heard of anything like that in my entire life – healthy people were forced to stay in their homes. What happened to our constitutional rights? I was outraged and Trump started tweeting, ‘Free Virginia’, ‘Free California’, ‘Free New York’— all these States that were getting these severe lockdowns. I thought ‘Well, look at him. At least he’s standing up for our rights.’

“I found that I’m actually not a Democrat. I was a default Democrat – I wasn’t interested in politics and I had never done any research. I  thought I was a Democrat because I thought that they were just nicer people. Well, it turns out I was really wrong about that.”

The conservative base grows larger by the day thanks to the lies told by Democrats, mainstream media, McCarty argued.

“‘Where were these [Trump supporters] radicalized – was it in church?’ they ask. No. We were radicalized by you, by the way you treat us,” she said. “I haven’t been a Trump supporter for very long, but the amount of times I’ve been called a racist is absurd – I don’t have a racist bone in my body. The mainstream media is helping to shape all these narratives, lumping us into this category of ‘right-wing extremists.”

It’s no wonder  Griffin’s is barraged with accusations of being a Satanic pedophile by Trump supporters, McCarty contends.

“She’s trying to punish me for all of the Trump supporters who blast her with pizza emojis and call her a pedophile,” she said. “But why would she repost that morbid picture? Why does she promote such morbid, vulgar, disgusting, evil things? Why do a photoshoot with a severed head? What’s with all these people in the music industry dressing up like the devil? God is the one that woke me up. I prayed for truth and I still, I still pray so that I don’t fall for lies like so many people have.”





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